Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Medical Issues

If you are wondering I have a host of illnesses.

ulcerative colitis,
pyroderma gangernosum (PG) (crohn's of the skin),
anklosying spondylitis (auto-immune arthritis of the spine - cause the hips, spine, and ribs to fuse),
diabetes (due to steriods),
high blood pressure (due to one of the PG meds),
adrenal failure (due to years of prednisone),
have had 2 acute renal (kidney) failures due to medications (in the early stages of another one - but caught it soon enough and lowered the dose of meds),
restless leg syndrome, osteoporosis (and I am only 33 - it is due to years of prednisone),
anemia of chronic illness (meaning that it really never goes away),
asthma/bronchitis, carpel tunnel syndrome,
I have contant back, neck and shoulder pain (from a car wreck in 01). I have already had back surgery (with rods) and a complete shoulder reconstruct.

And how could I forget I have profound hearing loss in both ears. 75% in my left and 50% in my right.

Since June 29, 09 I have had 12 hospital stays with 107 days total and 3 surgeries. Those 3 surgeries were in the first 6 and a half months.

This is my list of meds:

cyclosporine (made from fungus and it is an immune suppressant),
Entocort (crohn's),
procardia (blood pressure med, but also prevents kidney damage from the cyclo and the diabetes),
Januvia (diabetes),
Levemir (long term insulin),
Novalog (short term insulin),
Pristiq (depression),
flagyl (antibiotic for crohn;s),
Leviquin (antibiotic for crohn's),
Bactrim (antibiotic to keep me from getting sick)
Zofran (nausea),
Zanaflex (muscle relaxers),
Ativan (nausea/muscle spasms),
Belladona (stomach cramps),
Vit D,
(IV treatment for osteoporosis)

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