Saturday, October 15, 2011

Life Today

Today is a little better in terms of emotions. We got a bit of house work done. A little decluttering, curtains hung back on the wall, some old decor got a face lift (I painted some old wall hangings). 

Remember the early 90's when everything was cream with country blue and mauve. Yes, we still had that in our living room. The hats got a fresh coat of white acrilic paint and accents with navy blue (to match the curtains - we had bougth them over a year ago on clearance -   $91 worth of curtains bought for $21 - but just never put them up).  Used old curtain hangers and dowel rods.  The plastic gazebo's mom had hanging got a coat of white with a new brown roof and accents in silver.  And yes, the roof was mauve before with cream gazebo.  Still has a bit of country flare, but not so outdated.

Just doing little things like this keeps me feeling a bit of sanity and control when everything else in the world feels out of control.

As to health, well, the past 2 days have been out of control.  Blood sugar in the 40's then as high as 370. Stomach pain has been a little tough too.  A lot of cramping.  I ran out of the Belladonna for a few days.  Took a while to get it called back in. 

Had lab work done locally for Mayo.  Hopeing the results come in Monday.  The med I am on (Cyclosporine) can cause kidney failure and I had to go back up on  a high dose last month.  We are waiting on the results of the Creatinine to see how my kidneys are functioning.  I might have to go back to Mayo next week or at least drop the dosage and see if it corrects itself.  I have already been through 2 kidney failures and 1 that was begining (because of this med).  They caught it in time and was able to avoid it.

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