Monday, June 17, 2013

Been A While

HI all, been awhile since the last update.  We haven't had internet access for a while and our computer broke (hard drive failure).

I am currently at Mayo Clinic prepping for a colonoscopy. Been having minor Crohn's flares for several months, so they thought it was time to do the check will giving me the Stelara shot.

Nothing much exciting has been going on for a while outside of a few rearranging furniture.

Back in Jan 2012, I was taking 26 medications plus 3 at Mayo.  It totalled 48 pills a day.  Now, 18 months later I take between 12 and 13 meds (including the Mayo ones) and it only totals 16 to 17 pills a day.

Things are so much better.

Will give another update tomorrow after we get the results.

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