Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Give To Joy's Fund

In light of all that has happened in the past couple years, Joy has not been able to work at a traditional job.  She has tried to create her own business, IjahJoyCreations.  She makes custom jewelry from costume jewelry to engagement rings (she does't do the metal work).  So far, she hasn't had any orders for engagement rings.  In the 3 years that she has had the business, she has only made $2,500 (and that does not inclued what she has in each piece). 

We are now to the point of having to ask for donations.  This has been a long battle in making this decision.  Our family has been strong and will go the extra mile to make ends meet.  But we are now in over our heads.  We have pretty much maxed out all our credit cards in order to pay medical bills, have groceries, and provide for a growing 3 year old. 

Since my retirement in 06, (I am Joy's mother) Joy has had 5 surgeries,  has had 17 hospital stays, and my husband retired in 05 and he has had 3 surgeries. 

We are asking for help now from family and friends so that we can continue with Joy's care at Mayo.  We are thankful that she has insurance and they pay the majority of her bills, but there are so many other expenses in getting that care..  Our family receives no government help. Joy has no disability, her son does not receive WIC or medicaid.  He has his own health insurance policy.  Between the 4 of us, the health insurance alone costs around $900 per month.  

We are on a fixed income of $2300 a month.  After insurance that leave us with $1400 a month to pay all our household bills, groceries, car insurance, travel expenses, etc.  We have more bills than that, so everything goes on credit cards.  And now it takes more to pay the cards than we have. 

Joy has many items that she has created from her jewelry line.  She is going to give each person who donates at least $25 to her medical fund a pair of sterling silver and gemstone earrings.  All she asks is that you put a mailing address in when you donate or email us at  She doesn't like to ask for help and she feels that this is more appropriate.

We can't get the paypal button to go live, but you don't have to have a paypal account to donate.  Just type, then send money, click on gift tab.

We will try to get the button working in the next few days.  Joy is the programmer around here and being on pain meds, she can't think the process through enoug.  But hopefully it will work soon.

Thanks and God bless
                             ~Joy and Family

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