Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Thanks for the Support and an Update

Hi all, this is Joy today.  Just wanted to write and say thanks for all the prayers and support.  We haven't recieved any financial help yet, but just the notes of encouragement and prayers coming from around the world has meant so much. I have received messages through Facebook from Canada, Brazil, Croatia, Pakistan, and Uganda.  This is such a small world really, and when you are true brothers and sisters in Christ, there is no such thing as distance.

Got a call from Mayo a couple hours ago.  So far, Stelara is a go.  At least at this stage.  The Pharm Company is agreable to letting me have it off label.  It is being called into my local pharmacy.  

From there, it will have to be sent to Speciality Med (local pharm won't carry the med).  When it gets sent to speciality med, then the insurance company steps in for prior authorization.  This can take up to 2 weeks. If they pay, then I start getting the Stelara.  If not, then it is back to Mayo and the Pharm Co to discuss the Compassion Plan - where the Pharm Co gives it to me at a reduced cost or free. 

But here is what Stelara's website says about their assistance program.  You may be eligible for Instant Savings if you have been prescribed STELARA®, are being treated for the FDA-approved use for STELARA®, AND currently have commercial insurance that covers medication costs for STELARA®.

Thing is, I am not being treated for the FDA-approved use of Stelara.  So please keep praying that this will go through.  The average dose of this med is $3,700.

Thanks again and God bless
~Joy and Family

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