Wednesday, October 12, 2011

A Little Update

This is Joy posting.   I am going to try to take back over the blog now that I am feeling some better.  The prednisone is doing its job, it gives me energy in spite of how tired I am.

I was supposed to be a Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville in the morning.  I choose the cancel the appointment. I was mainly going to be seen for lab work, that is something that could be faxed here and done. If I could have gotten another appointment along with the derm appt, I would have went. It would have been worth the trip ($100+ gas, $75 hotel, and a good $60 for food - 4 people over 2 days).  We eat the Dollar Menu as much as we can too.

We just didn't have this much available on our credit card.  My parents Social Security is deposited tonight, but it wouldn't have been in time for mom to make a payment to the card, them process it,and then be able to charge.  Dad would have used his bank debit and let it be overdrawn (he has the overdraft protection that charges him $5 and covers it). 

So, now we wait for the labs to be faxed to my dr locally, get the results back to Mayo and see what the numbers are.

The sad thing is, I have been out of the hospital 3 weeks, 2 weeks since last Mayo visit. I was placed on 30 mg prednisone (from 7.5), back up to 300 mg Cyclosporine (from 150), and placed on Endocort (a form of cortisone that is absorbed in the intestine). In spite of all these treatment efforts, I am still in pain and have days where it is difficult to eat.  I am out of the Belladonna and having bad stomach cramps.  It is getting to the point again where I am not wanting to eat.

Drug info -

I will later post a drug FAQ for all my meds and conditions.  Right now, I am really wanting to go to sleep. I had a very long weekend and an emotional day yesterday (I will share that story tomorrow).

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