Sunday, October 9, 2011

Meeting an Angel Today at the Yard sale

I want to take a break of talking about my needs.  I have been in tears mcuh of the day again. Not from pain or from withdrawls, but from someone I met today.   My heart is breaking over this "child".
I heard a story of a young man this morning a the yard sale. His grandmother, mom, and youngest brother was there today. His mom is an old childhood friend.  We haven't seen each other since 4th grade. His name is Michael
He just turned 16 and has already picked his urn (it is a beautiful sea turtle). He said he wanted to be creamated so each person who loved him could have a piece of him with them always. He was born with half a heart and now his liver is quiting on him. He wasn't supposed to live to be 4. His liver is like that of some one who had drank their life away on moonshine for 40 years.
Tonight at Lowes I saw this water fountain with sea turtles on it and a light. I started crying. Eljahwalkd up to me and said "Mommy, your crying?  What's wrong?  Are those turtles too pretty?"  He heard me say that the sea turtle earn was beautiful this morning and I was crying then.  He saw the picture of it too.
It is more than I can afford (over $100) but if something breaks open where I have the money, I am going to go ahead and buy that for him (so he have have his own private garden to escape to when he is stressed) and it will be a memorial garden for his family and friends later. I may talk to Lowes about his story soon too and see what they might be able to do.

He was on the heart transplant list but now taken off since he needs 2 organs. Many places won't consider double transplant as the risk of death is very high and also the chance of rejection is extreme.  If he just receives a liver, all that will happen is his body would destroy it, and then if he receives a heart, his liver would destroy the heart.  It has to be done together or very closesly.
He has so many dreams, he is even trying to work after school, part of the boy scouts, and wants to be a chef (has his own chefs coat and hat that was donated to him). His chef's coat has already been embroidered with Chef Michael.

He wants to be on a cooking show with Paula Deen, Rachel Ray, Duff Goldman or Cake Boss. I have friends who know Paula personally (and she knows Rachel and all the Food Network people). I am going to see if I can help make that dream come true for him.

He has 4 brothers and mom is disabled too (she just had her most recent surgery a week ago)  Her oldest son was born dead but they brought him back - and he will be 18 next month. The youngest is 12 and he spent 2 hours playing with Elijah today. Such a sweet kid (he'd strangle me if he knew I said that LOL). Tries to keep this punk rocker type additude.

Pray that we can do something special for Michael.

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