Sunday, October 16, 2011

Logan Jace

I do want you to know up front that even though this blog is primarily here to chronicle my medical situation, insurance issues, home needs, and fundraising, I am going to take breaks every so often to share with  you things that are dear to my heart - like the story of Michael, the 16 year old I met last week. 

This story is even closer to me.  I never knew this child, but in the few days I saw his story, his life touched me and I believe changed me to the core.  I pray that it shakes you awake too and reaches down to that inner part of you that makes you who you are.

The other day I said that I had an emotional day.  I found out that a precious 2 year old boy named Logan Jace had been beaten. He had been in the hospital for several days on life support. 

He was taken off life support around 5 Tuesday after the grandfather was able to be there with him.  The offender was the mother's half brother, the uncle of this precious child.  I don't know if this picture is Logan or not, a friend told me she had seen a similar picture used in another abuse campaign.  But anyways...

I wrote this Tuesday night but was too emotional to share here.  I posted it on my facebook and let the comments roll.

Please, as hard as this is to look at, do it. If you suspect a child is being abused, step up, say something, call someone! I would rather make an honest mistake than to be guilty of not doing something. A mistake on the side of the child is easier to deal with, you might loose a friend or a family member may never speak to you again, but it is better than knowing you could have prevented the death of a precious child.
This is the face of abuse. When people get tired of seeing this, there is going to be a change. I don't advocate violence against the abusers (that is the reason we have police and the legal system), but we must be brave enough to take a stand that these abusers go to jail and do a full sentence. And if the judges let them off with lesser sentences, then we need to vote these judges out of our counties.

A child molester, a child beater, even a child murderer will get off with less time than someone who is a 3rd time offender with marijuanna.  Remember Zahra Baker, the precious 9 year old little girl from Hickory, North Carolina (orginally from Austraila).  She beat cancer twice, was partially deaf, had an artificial leg. She was a survivor! Yet for some reason her step mother killed her, dismembered her body and scattered her body through several counties.  Zahra Baker's stepmother is getting off with a max of 19 years (took a plea bargin) for what she did to that little girl. If she had went to jury trial, she might have gotten 30 years max.  Before killing her, she tortured her by locking her in the closet for days on end, beat her for not walking fast enough on her artiificial leg. 
We must step up and be the change. Abuse won't end as long as it goes unpunished. Let's rescue these children! This is our mandate! Some of us may not be able to foster or adopt, but be their for the single mom struggling to make ends meet, get an education, and make a better life for herself. Offer to babysit, offer to help with meals, just do something.

What kind of rage, what kind of anger, what kind of hate exsists in people like this? These people must be completely devoid of compassion, incapable of love, and seriously, must be purely controled by the demonic. That is the only answer I have.
I have looked at Elijah so many times today and nearly cried. I touch his soft cheek, kiss his nose, hold his tender hand. I have heard him say today so many times Mommy you are my best friend and will be forever. Come on Mommy, let's go sit on your bed and talk for a minute. And he pulls a book out and wants me to read it - and we talk about God and Heaven.

How can someone abuse that kind of love? How can they break a child's nose (a nose meant for eskimo kisses), bash in those rosey cheeks (meant for those little old ladies to pinch), bust open those soft lips that are meant for kisses and blowing raspberries??  I will never understand. 

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