Thursday, October 6, 2011


Yesterday was a very emotional day for me.  I had forgotten to change the fentanyl patch and had already started to experience withdrawls.  I spent most of the days in tears. 

Last night the Lord put 3 chapters on my heart to read. I wish I had been obedient then and read them instead of waiting till now. All 3 are concerning God's provision for His people, His deliverance of the captive, the healing of the broken.

I am laying here now in awe of my God, knowing how much He loves me, no matter how broken I am, how scared I might be. He loves me and He is going to walk... right beside me through this battle. I am not alone. I don't have to fight, for the battle belongs to the Lord and He will make His enemies tremble and fail.

He will shelter me in His Tower, He will shield me with His Love, and He will hide me in His Righteousness. Whom have I to fear, of whom shall I be afraid? The Lord my God will be victorious over all my enemies (fear, sickness, pain, medications, withdrawls, depression). At the name of Jesus, every knee shall bow and every tongue confiess that Jesus is Lord to the Glory of God.
I usually don't write out prayers on message boards and such but I feel like I need to this morning.

Father, thank You again for revealing Your love. Thank You for bringing your peace tonight through Your Word. YOu are indeed Jehovah Shalom. Thank You for reminidng me that You know my needs even before I do and You are my Provider. You will not let your children lack. You will meet all our needs - our needs, not all our wants - by Your riches in Christ Jesus. You Lord are an everpresent help, You are a strong tower defending Your people.

You have rescued my soul from fear and death. You have spoken and brought new life by the Words of Your Mouth. Sweet are the taste of your Words. My heart is overwhelmed by Your Love. There is none that I desire besides You.

You already know all my needs, but I am going to lay them out here for all to see. I want all to know that My God has answered and that they will see that You are True and Faithful to Your Word.

Lord, we need a finacial miracle to pay off the debt that has been accumulated over the past couple years. The enem has used sickness to rob us of our finances. It is time that it be paid back, returned in its entirety with interest. And I am asking for my complete healing. Not just of crohn's, but every sickness that is keeping me bound from doing the work of Your ministry. Complete and total restoration in my body, new strenght.

And lastly Father, I know I have heard Your voice many times concering children. Open a door for more children to come into my home. I would ask for this first, but without healing I would not be able to care for another child. You know my desire, and I believe You placed that longing in me many years ago. You said in Your Word that You would give us our heart's desire - and I believe that to mean that You would pplace a desire within our heart and then You would cause us to cry ouut for that thing to be made manifest. Lord Jesus, I am calling out for Hannah-Grace Abrielle and Joshua Joseph Levi.

Complete Your word in my life. Come quickly Lord and answer my cry. In Jesus' name. Amen and so be it.

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