Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The Story of My Bed

Haven't posted in a few days.   Things got hectic trying to finish the bathroom (which is still not done).  Still some sheet rock to mud and sand, prime/paint, install tile, hang a shower door, and then finally put the main door back up.  Really frustrating to have no privacy for going on 3 weeks. And dealing with the flu in the middle of this.  Thankfully,  I was the only 1 with the flu and Elijah just had mild sinus infection/bronchitis.

This morning I wanted to share a little vignette from our lives.  Though I have "sick days" I try to make things as normal as I can for Elijah.  I want him to grow up with good memories of fun times, but also not forget that sometimes our boo-boos are what makes us strong in the end.

My bed...

To me it may be a comfy, cozy, warm place to sleep. A touch of elegance and sophistication. It is a secret place, to pull covers over my head when I want to block out the world for just a few minutes. It is a private sanctuary to which I escape to pray for strength for the day.

But to my 3 year old son, my bed is so much more. It is his favorite spot to be (besides being outside). He knows mommy is sick and sometimes this is the only place we can play.

My bed is a trampoline, it is a gym mat, then it becomes 2 cars that we race to win the Piston Cup. My pillows become train tracks for imaginary Thomas and Friends trains (and sometimes real ones). My bed is an island full of treasure (and stinky shoes) buried under tons of pillows and cover - and we have to fight Captain Hook to keep the treasure. And I found out that the stinky shoes all belonged to Elijah, he hid them years ago to distract Captain Hook from the REAL Treasure.

It is the beach and we sit and make sandcastles and have a picnic of watermelon, sandwiches, and peach tea (menu decided by Elijah). It is a bakery where necklaces become birthday cakes.

Another day, another play time, my bed can be a dinosaur dig and we use an excavator to find old dinosaur bones. Then it is a castle where he is the Prince and I am his Princess. Then, oh my, it turns into a deep dark forest and he is a shining soldier (tried to remember knight in shining armor) and he has to rescue me from the mean lion that was hiding in the forest.

And lastly, it becomes a shelter in the rain for baby kitty and momma kitty as he covers up with pillows and asks me to hold him and keep him safe. Then he falls asleep in my arms for his afternoon nap.

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