Friday, December 23, 2011

Been a While Since the Last Update

I am sorry all if you have been looking for an update.  Since my uncle passed away, we have been dealing with so much in life.  I had a month of fighting kidney stones (still haven't passed the last one from my bladder), a 4 day migraine that kept me in bed the last 2 days of it.  Other family issues resulting from the funeral (you know how family can be at stressful times).  Dealing with drs and trying to get a refill on pain meds (can't stop fentanyl cold turkey) and I have almost run out of patches because of the stones and migraines.  So trying to drop quicker than intended and dealing with a few withdrawl symptoms today.  I drop to 25mcg tonight and then Tuesday go down to 12.  It was originally planned for mid-Jan to be off. 

Just got back from Mayo Clinic Wed night. I had my 2nd Stelara shot Tuesday morning.  I did get good news this time.  The crohn's is under control and the pyroderma is in remission (haven't had a flare since Sept of that).  I have been able to half my dose of cyclosporine from 300 to 150 mg and dropped prednisone from 25 to 20mg.  I have a step down program for prednisone now that will have me off in mid-March.

As I get off prednisone, I will be able to lower the dose of insulins and probably come completely off in a few months, same with the blood pressure med. 

It has been a long battle, but it looks like the end may be in sight.  We have been trusting God for a long time to bring healing and restoration and slowly it is coming. 

Thank you all for praying and your support.

Joy and Family

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