Friday, December 23, 2011

Quiting Pain Meds

Pray as I quit the fentanyl. My goal is to be off the 2nd week of Jan (kind of got forced, as dr won't override the rx given in Nov - had to have it longer due to kidney stones and migraines). Ran out before I can fill the rx, but had a 12mcg rx and that is about to run out. Making a drop from 50 to nothing in 10 days pretty much. This was supposed to be done in 1 month instead. Oh well, I know God will bring me through this.

I have almost come off the dilaudid, but as I decrease quickly on the fent I was told to increase to 2 a day on the dilaudid - esp the first day of each dose decrease.

My goal was first part of Jan, but due to the stones and migraine (and Mayo telling me to hold off for a bit longer) it seemed like the date would be mid Feb. But I asked God to let me start the new year off fresh and free from the things that held me down in 2011. Didn't want to do it this way (run out) but I know God heard my prayer and is keeping this date :)

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