Sunday, December 4, 2011

Kidney Stone, Paint, and Tile

Went to dr last Monday. It is a kidney stone. I passed one Friday morning (2am) while out shopping! I was in WM and collapsed to my knees in Electronics. Not long after that, I passed that one.

Pain was gone most of the day Friday, but kicked back up that night. Haven't passed this one yet.

On top of all of that, Sat night (Nov 26) I fell in the yard (getting things out of the car that we bought). Thankfully I didn't break anything (body or items). Scraped up my leg pretty bad and hit my head on the bumper of the car. Got a slight bruise at my hair line and it is a little sore.
Then Tuesday evening another stone left my kidney and hasn't passed yet either.  Since last night (Sat Dec 3) I have had blood in my urine and it felt like another one came out of the kidney. 

All the while I have been trying to finish the bath.  Got it painted finally Tuesday night (had a break from some of the pain).  Then last night got half the tile up in the bath.  At least the tub surround is done.  I hung about 30 pieces of tile and have about 40 more to go.  I do hope this will be enough to complete the project.  I am hoping that by Tuesday we can have this done and get the cabinets back in.

Then we get the shower door up and then we should be able to get the Christmas Tree up. 

We have another 3 day trip to Mayo the week of Christmas. 

I also want to thank all of you who have been following this blog and have donated to help.  Because of your generosity my health insurance was paid this month. We would have had an overdraft and the payment denied. We were able to charge my son's health ins, though it is continually 1 month behind. 

I still over over $1000 for my dental surgery and interest is being added each month. I have set up a payment plan for Mayo of $25 a month to keep interest from being added to their bill.

Will be doing another update in a few min.  My son is wanting to play a game before bedtime.  Will be doing a list of my medications and also some family updates.

God bless and pray you have a very blessed Christmas season.

~Joy and Family

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