Wednesday, October 26, 2011

It's official

I HAVE THE FLU. Got the flu and pnuemonia shot over a month ago. Got to watch Elijah carefully now. He started last night with sore throat and stuffiness. That was how mine started Friday. By Sat evening all I wanted to do was sleep. Sunday/Mon was fever/chills/severe aches and pains.  I have been taking Hyland's Defense Cold and Cough along with Osocillocusum (I know I butchered that spelling).  Another good one that got me through last winter was ColdCalm (by Borion, same comp as the osocillo)

Elijah got seen by his dr today.  Got anti-bioitcs for beginung sinus infection and there was fluid  in his ear, but not infected yet.  We still have a refill on the drops from last time.  And we are to start back with the nebulizing treatments several times a day.  I might have to do the treatment myself and let Elijah "help" me.  This way we both can breath the treatment and he won't be scared.
 mine was double booked and the other dr had already left for the day. The ped tried his best to get me in (esp after seeing my med bag) He told me that if it was the flu to call him back and he would call in Tamiflu for Elijah just in case.

I went on to Pheobe's convient care - didn't think I could wait till tomorrow afternoon. With my health, things could take a turn for the worse quickly. And I have to call Mayo and let them know this now too, as they may want me to be admitted (anytime a person under their care has the flu and on immune meds, they want to monitor them closely.
My poor baby can't sleep but an hour or so at the time.  Keeps waking up unable to breath and drenched with sweat. He plays great in the day like nothing is wrong, but he is so stuffed up at night.  I gave him a dose of the Hylands Defense Cold and Cough (it is for children 2 and up).  Seems to help the cough but not his sinuses.
Tomorrow I will post some good news - I  promise I do have to go to bed.  My eyes can't see thescreenanymor

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