Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Think we have the flu

Well, after the funeral Sat I came straight home and went to bed.  Got up a little Sunday night, but then the worst hit.  Went through fever, chills, sweats, every thing in my body screaming in pain, etc.  First started with a sore throat Friday night, by Sat morning stuffy head.  Then complete crash. 

Today I still can't do much, but at least I  have eaten a bowl of grits and a piece of  cheesecake dad brought me(can't resist that). 

I had the flu shot back during my hospital stay Sept 11-19, so it should have had time to kick in.  I am taking 2 homeopathic meds now Oscillococcinum and Hyland's Defense + Cold and Cough. So far together they have made breathing easier, less stuffy, less acheness, though I still feel like crap and want to sleep.  I can at least see improvement from yesterday.

Now the worst news, my son told me around 6 that his throat was sore. At midnight he woke up screaming in pain, drenched with sweat, and couldn't breathe. I have already given him a dose of tylenol and the Hyland's Defense.

He is waking up again(1:45am).   Just gave him a breathing treatment with abuterol and  saline, along with rubbing more vapor rub on his shirt.

Of course, we will be at  the  dr's tomorrow.  I called and they don't  have an appt for me  till  Wed, but if one is open for Elijah they will probably treat me too(at least an anti-biotic).   I just hope we can make  it through the night without an ER visit.

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