Sunday, October 23, 2011

My Doctors

I wanted to post a listing of my drs at Mayo Clinic and here locally so that they can be lifted up in prayer.  These drs have many patients and I don't know how they keep sane sometimes (my case alone has left a few scratching their heads, esp the dermatology ones).  One of the derms at Mayo wrote the textbook that is used by medical schools around the nation and he was left wondering what to do with my case.  He said that in all his years, he had never seen a more difficult case of pyroderma gangrenosum (I'll post an article on that later).

Please pray for wisdom and guidance as they continue to treat me (and their other patients)

Dr John Cangemi - Mayo Gastro
Dr Philip Metzger - Mayo Colo-Rectal Surgeon
Mayo Dermatology Department - I have been treated by every dr listed here
Dr Victor Bernet - Endocrinology
Dr Manuel Rodriguez - Mayo Primary Care
Dr Kevin Barret - Neurology
Dr Scott Palmer - Pain Managment
Dr. Christopher D. Sletten - Pain Pyschology
Dr. Peter M. McIntosh - Physical Medicine and Rehab
Dr. Siongchi Lin - Sleep Disorders
Dr Benjiman Wang - Rheumatolgy

Local Doctors
Dr Joe Jackson/Dr Charity Wilson (at the Veranda) - General
Dr  Kristina Kile (at the Veranda) - Endocrinology
Dr Michael Dawson (Tifton, Ga) - Gastro
Dr. James Mossell (Tifton, Ga) - Rheumatology
Dr David Cohen (Macon, Ga/Cordele, Ga) - Dermatology
Dr Hellman (Tifton, Ga) - Neurosurgeon, spine
Dr Smith/Scott (Tifton, Ga) - Orthopedic, Carpal Tunnel

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