Friday, October 21, 2011

Tub repair

Spent Wed afternoon at Lowes again.  As you know, we bought the tub the other night.  Seen the add today - they dropped the price for the 2 pieces nearly $75. We called them and they said that they have a 7 day policy that if they reduce the price they will refund the difference.

I also took back the safety bar and that was right at $33.

What we wound up having to buy to complete the job with was $88.  Then I went over to Home Depot and got the safety bar for 19.

They have a sliding tub door there for $119 and the same model at Lowes for $129.  I am going to Lowes and tell them this, and not only will they give it to me for $119, they will take an additional 10% off.  Will have to wait a few days till we get the tub in for this though (and to get to the bank to withdraw the ins money).

Tax and all for everything should run around $750.  That leaves us with about $350 to fix the floor and the wall in my parents room (and was supposedly enough to hire someone to do the work).  After we get the work done, the ins co is supposed to re-imburse us another  $150 from depreciation.  I have got to figure out why they did this to us.

And I don't think this is right... Underneath the tub should be concrete right?? There is no concrete foundation under. It is just dirt. also in between the stud just behind the shower wall is an electrical wire and junction box. I know our house was built wrong, but man! The more we repair the more we find out was done wrong. Seriously thinking about chronicling all the issues we have found and writing Mike Holmes or The Extremem Makeover:Home Edition Team and see what they can do - heck, even the Habitat for Humanity local group.

Well, it is half way in. Took from 9am till 10pm tonight to get the concrete poured (2inches deep) and set the tub in and get all the pipes. The pipes wouldn't fit. It was supposed to have 1/2" copper tubing. Well it was patched together. There is 3/4', 1/2in, 1/4in, etc with clamps to make it fit.

Dad had to go to town and get pipes and new connectors (for the underground part) and 6 2x4 studs. These had to be attached to the old studs so that the new surround could be attached. All this extra cost around $60 more.  And we still have to buy sheet rock and tile.

After all of this, we did get a shower. It still doesn't work right - water flows from the shower head and from the faucet at the same time, no matter which way the flow is supposed to be going.

Dad popped the surrround in on 2 sides so everything wouldn't get soaked. I'll take some pics/vid and post on photobucket later. We will have to take the surround out again and finish up stuff behind the wall and the pipes.

I just wish something that we repaired would work the way it is supposed to. This is a hard life.

Now we can at least be clean and presentable for Mr Perry's funeral tomorrow.

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