Saturday, November 19, 2011

Links to the Medical Issues

Here is the list of diagnoses I have received since 1998 (just as I was turning 20 years old).  Many are complications of crohn's or the medications I am taking (such as diabetes, high blood pressure, and osteoporosis).  The picture in the pink frame is me at 18.

Crohn's - Crohn's Info
ulcerative colitis - UC Info
erythema nodosum - E. Nodosum
anklosying spondylitis - AS Info, again great resource here
entero-pathic arthritis - Arthritis
stenosis of the spine - Stenosis
fibromyalgia - Fibro Info
diabetes (due to steriods) - Steriod Induced
high blood pressure - HBP
adrenal failure - Also called Addison'sosteoporosis -
osteoporosis - Osteo
acute renal (kidney) failure - Kidneys 
restless leg syndrome - RLS
anemia of chronic illness  - Anemia
carpel/tarsel tunnel syndrome - Carpel Tunnel
migraines - Migraine info
asthma - Asthma
chronic bronchitis - Bronchitis

I have constant back neck and shoulder pain (from a car wreck in 01). I have already had back surgery (with rods) and a complete shoulder reconstruction. 

I have been dx'd with Gout yet, but I was told by my general practitioner to ask Mayo to check for this, as I have been having elevated uric acid levels and also finger/joint pain.  This has probably already been done, so she didn't want to do extra lab work.  If gout is dx'd, this would be 5 forms of arthritis.

And how could I forget I have profound hearing loss in both ears. 75% in my left and 50% in my right.  I have nerve damage from either high fever as a child (had pnuemonia and measles before 13 months old).  I carried temps over 105 several times.  Often prolonged fevers cause hearing damage.  My mother discovered the loss around the age of 2 to 2 1/2.

If we can get the money or some financial assistance I am going to get hearing aids (the set that I need are behind the ear with a small tube that goes in the ear canal). They cost around $2000 each.  I have a ear pressure problem that doesn't allow me to wear the in the canal style (which is a bit cheaper) and also the severity of the loss (and type of loss) is best treated with behind the ear style. 

Haven't worn any since 9th grade.  I had to have them during my school years, but as soon as I homeschooled and then went on to college, I quit.  I could sit where I wanted in college and made use of reading lips.  But now my family is noticing a worsing and also confusion of sounds.  I hear things completely different from what people are saying and often answer back with completely off-topic answers from trying to piece together what I hear and and fill in the blanks.
This is me just a couple months ago.  It was taken in mid Oct (2011)at the local melon patch.

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