Saturday, November 12, 2011

Mayo Update

The Mayo Clinic trip for this week was moved due to the wisdom teeth being extracted. I have to wait at least 10 days to begin the Stelara after any type of surgery.  I had 2 other appts scheduled for Thursday, but since they were minor followups, they rescheduled them till the week of the 21st.

I will be driving down on the 20th and won't be back till Wed night.  While on the Stelara I have to stay in Jacksonville for 48 hours after treatment to make sure no major side effects occur. At least I don't have to be "in clinic".  We are free to travel Jax during this time.   Though I am going to try to set up as many appts as I can during this time so we won't have to make any 1 appt trips in the near future.  Already have dermatology and gastro on the 21st.  Should know Mon what all is scheduled

Hoping I can see the endocrinologist, pain management, opthomologist (crohn's can cause eye problems and supposed to have some sort of test - had it 6 months ago to form a baseline then yearly hereafter), have another bone denisty scan and see if I need another Reclast treatment for osteoporosis.  Also need to see if I need another iron infusion for  the anemia, my last report showed very low ferretin levels but the dr suggested 2 months of daily supplements first (been doing  that for 2 years though).

There are 2 things I want to do while in Jax - been wanting to do 1 for a very long time.  Downtown at the St John's River and the Suspension Bridge is the CSX building.  I need to call ahead to see if they have some sort of educational tour or at least a model train display, but if  they do I want to take Elijah there.  He loves trains so much.  This would be the highlight of his trip. 

Then I want to get with dad's cousins and see if we can find information on dad's grandparents.  Dad knows his Uncle Frank and his children know some of the info (Uncle Frank passed in 96). If it were not for being Thanksgiving Eve coming home, we would try another route home and see dad's half brother again (I met him for the first time in May).  Dad lost contact in the early 70's and just found him last Christmas.  He has 1 other half brother that he never met that we found in Jan. We are really wanting to meet face to face soon.

Thanks for listening and praying as we go through these next couple of weeks.


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